Little Live Pets

Little Live Pets

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Little Live Pets Surprise Chick House Toy

Place your Surprise Chick egg inside their house and keep them safe and sound as you carry them around! ..

€31.51 Ex Tax: €26.70

Little Live Pets - Lil' Frogs -25%

Little Live Pets - Lil' Frogs

"We hop right in and start to swim!'' Lil' Frogs love to hop around on the ground and swim in water! Watch them make a splash as they dive in and swim about just like a real frog! They all have their ..

€27.95 €21.00 Ex Tax: €17.80

Little Live Pets - Lil' Mouse - I Dance

Collect them all! Classical Melody, Apple Boppin', Wild Beatz, Bella Tina, Dancin' Queenie, Lolly Rapper.New Lil' Mice that move and dance to their own music!Place these dizzy dancers on the ground an..

€15.80 Ex Tax: €13.39