Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

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Kinetic Sand - Waba Fun

Kinetic Sand is a unique sensory experience that offers unlimited fun for everyone. The sand is soft, tactile and can be molded into different shapes, as it only sticks to itself. Playing with sand is..

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Kinetic Sand Neon 227grams

Its more fun with this! Kinetic Sand is the squeezable sand where you can FEEL the fun! You've never felt anything like it! Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, Kinetic Sand is so incredible you ca..

€10.00 Ex Tax: €8.47

Laptop Tray

The perfect solution for an individual work space. The white tray has an anti-slide feature to protect tabletops against scratches. Ideal for sand play...

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Shape it! Sand

ShapeIt! Sand — the original sand playShapeIt! Sand is a revolutionary material that feels just like wet beach sand and molds to any shape you can imagine. ShapeIt! Sand comes in bright, bold colors a..

€15.75 Ex Tax: €13.35