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fischertechnik - Bulldozer - 520395

On the road grader, track mounted recovery vehicle and snow blower, the new high grip caterpillar tracks provide the required traction. Models with adjustable dozer blade and functioning cable winch. ..

€17.76 Ex Tax: €15.05

fischertechnik - Cable Cars - 41859

Glide down the slope on a 6-meter long cable with the gondola clear up at the top and then with the freight elevator clear down to the bottom. Have fun.With fischertechnik you can experience techn..

€26.85 Ex Tax: €22.75

fischertechnik - Jumbo Starter - 511930

Lowboy with crane, airplane, tractor... many different models invite children to build and play. The large, easy-to-hold parts and assembly instructions written specifically for young children ensure ..

€45.50 Ex Tax: €38.56

fischertechnik - Super Cranes - 41862

Caution: Giants at work! More than one meter high and the boom is over a meter long, turns at the top or bottom and is built for really big loads! With traveling carriage and lifting tackle, mobile or..

€118.76 Ex Tax: €100.64

fischertechnik - Technical Revolutions - 508776

On the trail of James Watt, Michael Faraday and other famous inventors. The construction set brings new life to important moments of technology history. Important technological inventions can be repro..

€72.50 Ex Tax: €61.44

fischertechnik - Tractor Set IR Control - 524325

Complete set with proportional 4-channel infrared remote control, servo-steering, powerful gear motor and battery tray. Over 540 parts allow construction of a tractor with 7 working attachments. The r..

€125.97 Ex Tax: €106.75

fischertechnik - Universal 3 - 511931

40 models, such as vehicles with steering, bulldozer with tracks, crane with cable winch, windmill with reduction gear, allow children a fascinating glimpse into the world of technology while playing...

€63.96 Ex Tax: €54.20

Fischertechnik Profi Mechanic and Static - 93291

30 models 500 components Construction kit containing activity b..

€88.00 Ex Tax: €74.58

Thomas and Friends Take N play - Knapford Station Tile Tracks

Play with Thomas & Friends on the move with this terrific Take 'N' Play Set! All you do is unfold the tracks and push around the choo-choo character to your heart's content. This action-packed set..

€24.95 Ex Tax: €21.14