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Doh Vinci - Refill 4 Pack

Design in 3-D with this 4-pack of Deco Pop tubes Tubes. Suitable For Ages 6+ ..

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Play Doh - 4 pack

 Product DescriptionOpen up these four cans of PLAY-DOH compound favourite colors and get ready to shape and mold all of your minds creations! Start creating right out of the can, or squi..

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Play Doh - Advent Calendar

Count down to the holidays, Play-Doh style! Does Door 5 hide a snowflake stamper? Is there a tree mold behind Door 1? You'll haveto find out what's hiding in the Advent Calendar. With a di..

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Play Doh - Cup Cake Celebration

Get the whirly, twirly fun started! Give your Play-Doh bakery creations a sweet ride on the crazy cupcake Ferris wheel, then stop at the bottom and squeeze a dollop of Play-Doh Plus frosting on top. N..

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Play Doh - Cupcake Tower

Want a treat without the sweet? This Cupcake Tower set lets you create a beautiful stack of delicious-looking Play-Doh cupcakes. You can make one cupcake after another with the mold and then arrange y..

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Play Doh - Diggin Rigs - Sam The Scooper

There is a big construction job ahead, and all you need is your SAM THE SCOOPER tool and a can of PLAY-DOH modeling compound! Use the tool to create pretend bricks, then scoop up your PLAY-DOH br..

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Play Doh - Doc Mc Stuffins Doctor Kit

Make your favorite Doc McStuffins friends and go on medical adventures with this super-fun Play-Doh set! It's got easy-to-use tools that let you stamp out Stuffy and Lambie and then decorate them with..

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Play Doh - Launch Game

There's a world of squeezerific fun in play-Doh Games. This hilarious Launch Game is giggles galore for little gamers. They get to make their own Play-Doh ammunition and launch it at the center of the..

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Play Doh - Magical Carriage Cinderella

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! Now you can tell your favourite Disney Princess stories with a creative Play-Doh twist. With this pumpkin carriage playset, you can turn Cinderella's rags into a sparkly ball gown..

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Play Doh - Minnie Mouse

Roll, stamp and cut out magical  Minnie Mouse shapes with the Play-Doh Minnie Mouse Accesories. This fantastic set comes with everything you need for hours of creative fun.Age 3+ ..

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Play Doh - Party Pack

 Perfect for helping to make your Party the best in town. Play-Doh Party Pack contains 10 mini tubs (1oz) of Play-Doh modeling compound. Ideal for Party favours. Total Play-doh: 260g. ..

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Play Doh - Pizza Party

It's Pizza Party madness at your very own Play-Doh pizzeria! Make and deliver the silliest pizza pies you can imagine withall kinds of fun tools and squishy Play-Doh compound. Roll some im..

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Play Doh - Sweet Shop - Perfect Twist Ice Cream

Your little ones will create the swirliest, most realistic-looking soft serve "ice cream" ever with the Perfect Twist Ice Cream playset! Help them fill the cones and dishes with fluffy fantasy ice cre..

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Play Doh - Sweet Shoppe Swirl and Scoop Ice Cream

Product DescriptionMake the wackiest ice cream dreams a reality with crazy clown sundaes, bonkers banana splits, and any other super cool things that can be imagined. Create classic silly sundaes ..

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Play Doh Activity Back Pack

Backpack Filled With 4 Big Felt Tips, 4 Colouring Pencils, 1 Colouring Book, 3 Tub Of Modeling Clay, 4 Tools , design by play-doh. Suitaable For Ages 2+ ..

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Play Doh Disney. Princess Royal Palace

Let your imagination sparkle with a Play-Doh castle fit for a Disney Princess! Get Cinderella and Ariel ready for the ball by creating beautiful ball gowns with the dress-moulds, and then deco..

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Play Doh My Little Pony Make N Style Ponies

Product DescriptionMake your own Ponyville world at home. With a rainbow of 9 Play-Doh colours, you can create all kinds of my little pony friends including earth ponies, pegasus ponies, unicorns ..

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Play Doh Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Let your imagination take you on an adventure to a galaxy far, far away! Cans are now part of the action as you re-create your own Play-Doh battles with classic Star Wars characters. ..

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Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations

Product DescriptionOpen the own make-believe bakery and create the colourful Play-Doh cookies that can be imagined. Make lots of pretend treats without the sweets right on the tray using the rolli..

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Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Double Dessert

 Make a big dose of "delicious" with the Double Desserts Playset. You'll have a sweet tooth for fun when you make pretend cakes and frosting with the Play-Doh modeling compound and softer, smothe..

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Play-Doh Crazy Cuts Playset

You're the boss at the Crazy Cuts barbershop, and it's time to make the most colorfully creative hairstyles ever. A family of 3 character thimbles and 6 Play-Doh colors make for lots of fun options. J..

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Play-Doh Frozen - Sled Adventure

Let your imagination take you on an icy adventure with Anna and her friends from Disney's Frozen! Get Anna ready to go by pressing out a colorful gown to keep her warm, and then decorate it with the h..

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Play-Doh Ice Cream Cone Container

You're going to make some tasty looking Play Doh treats with the tools and modeling compound in this ice cream cone shaped container! The extruder lets you shape pretend ice cream treats with the 2 co..

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Play-Doh Marvel Can Heads Vehicles

Open the lid of imagination and create your own smash 'n bash adventures with Can-Heads! Now iconic Play-Doh cans are part of the action as you re-create your favorite Marvel Super-Hero battles. Each ..

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Play-Doh Marvel Smashdown Can-Heads Featuring Hulk Figure

Take the lid off imagination and create own smash 'n bash adventures with Can-Heads heroes. Now iconic Play-Doh cans are part of the action as one re-create their own hero battles. Build up a brick wa..

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Play-Doh Spring

this little Play-Doh treat without a sweet. An ideal gift for little kids without the need to eat a sweet. It's fun to play but not to eatQThis includes a bunny and a chick container with stampers und..

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Play-Doh Spring Chick

Spring is coming, and there's creativity in the air! Celebrate the spring season with delightful creative fun that's sure to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. Make this baby chick look even mo..

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Play-Doh Town Fire Truck

uct DescriptionFire rescue missions await! Call up the local Play-Doh Town firefighter and help him roll to the rescue faster than you can say "Oh no, there's a Play-Doh fire!" Pop him onto his friend..

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Play-Doh Town Ice Cream Truck New

Play-Doh Town Ice Cream Truck

Whether it's hot or not, everyone comes running to the coolest truck in Play-Doh Town! Help this pretend ice cream maker deliver the most colorful Play-Doh ice cream creations anyone can imagine. Pres..

€17.95 Ex Tax: €15.21