Back Spin....

Back Spin....
  • Holds 35 coloured balls to be matched to the correct slot
  • Test your logic and problem solving skills
  • Lightweight and self contained
  • Back Spin is suitable for ages 8 and above

Product Description

Back Spin is a double-sided brainteaser that is truly revolutionary. This Oppenheim Award winning puzzle is shaped like a flying saucer with two halves that you twist to pass balls from one side to the other. Your job is to scramble the coloured balls, then figure out how to get them back into their matching slots — on both sides. Back Spin might look simple at first, but this cleverly addictive puzzle could leave your head spinning! Back Spin is great for travel as the puzzle is completely self-contained and can be used again and again. Back Spin is suitable for ages eight to adult.

The object of Backspin is to place all the coloured balls in their matching coloured slots. Sounds easy... but simple, boring, dull and frustrating? It's none of these, but rather is absorbing, eye-catching, intricate and challenging--and it can also be very calming so patience is rewarded.

This award-winning game is made up of two black circular discs, joined at the centre only, to enable them to revolve in both directions. Each disc contains six coloured slots, with the same colour balls. With room for 36 balls, but only containing 35, it leaves an open space to pass balls front to back and then by spinning the two halves, making it possible to move the balls from slot to slot.

There are three aspects to the game: SPIN the two sides to align the puzzle; SWITCH one ball at a time between the sides, using the empty slot; SOLVE the game by matching the colours, front and back.

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