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Lego 60157 "Jungle Starter Set" Construction Toy

Includes three minifigures: A jungle explorer, scientist and a boat pilot, plus crocodile, snake and frog figures ..

€11.25 Ex Tax: €9.53

LEGO 10686 Juniors Family House

The LEGO Juniors Family House includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, swimming pool, bike, 3 minifigures and a dog.      Box ContainsIncludes 3 minifigures: mom..

€40.05 Ex Tax: €33.94

LEGO 10708 Green Creativity Box Building Set

Includes more than 60 pieces in vibrant shades of green and fun, bright colors. This LEGO Classic Green ..

€5.72 Ex Tax: €4.85

LEGO 10709 Orange Creativity Box

Includes more than 55 pieces in vibrant shades of orange and fun, bright colors. This LEGO Classic Orang..

€5.66 Ex Tax: €4.80

LEGO 10832 Birthday Picnic Set

Includes three LEGO DUPLO figures: a grandma and two children, plus a squirrel figure. Ac..

€16.76 Ex Tax: €14.21

LEGO 31055 Red Racer Set

Features a sporty design with rear engine, round headlights and an adjustable rear spoiler. ..

€5.32 Ex Tax: €4.51

LEGO 41233 "Lashina Tank" Building Toy

Includes a Lashina mini-doll figure, plus Krypto figure and a confused blue Kryptomite. F..

€16.81 Ex Tax: €14.24

Lego 60145 Buggy Building Toy

Includes a Buggy driver minifigure. This set offers an age-appropriate build and play exper..

€11.25 Ex Tax: €9.53

Lego 60146 Stunt Truck Building Toy

Includes a Stunt Truck driver minifigure. Stunt Truck measures over 2" (6cm) high, 4" (12cm..

€11.25 Ex Tax: €9.53

LEGO 60150 "Pizza Van" Building Toy

Includes two minifigures: a pizza van chef and a customer Features a Pizza Van, scooter and a buildable ..

€23.75 Ex Tax: €20.13

Lego 60151 Dragster Transporter Set

Includes two minifigures: a truck driver and dragster driver. Dragster features engine flam..

€34.88 Ex Tax: €29.56

Lego 60163 "Coast Guard Starter Set" Construction Toy

Includes three minifigures: A lifeguard, surfer and an ATV driver, plus a shark figure Feat..

€11.25 Ex Tax: €9.53

Lego 60164 "Sea Rescue Plane" Construction Toy

Includes two minifigures: A rescue plane pilot and a sailor Features a rescue plane with sp..

€22.04 Ex Tax: €18.68

Lego 60165 "4 x 4 Response Unit" Construction Toy

Includes three minifigures: a captain/driver, female coast guard member and a diver, plus an octopus figure ..

€32.85 Ex Tax: €27.84

Lego Architecture 21026 - Venice

Recreate the historic, architectural magnificence of Venice, with this realistic LEGO brick model. The LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection offers models suitable for display in the home and office, a..

€34.66 Ex Tax: €29.37

LEGO City 60101 Airport Cargo Plane Construction Set - Multi-Coloured

Includes two minifigures: a pilot and an airport worker Features a cargo plane with a back hatch that op..

€23.75 Ex Tax: €20.13

Lego City 60106 - Fire Starter Set -0%

Lego City 60106 - Fire Starter Set

Get into the firefighting action on land and water with the LEGO City Fire Starter Set, featuring a fire hovercraft with a turning propeller, pier with engine and fire element, plus accessories. Inclu..

€13.30 €13.25 Ex Tax: €11.23

LEGO City 60120 In/Out Volcano Starter Construction Set - Multi-Coloured

Includes four minifigures: a volcano adventurer, female volcano worker, male volcano worker and a female volcano scientist ..

€11.97 Ex Tax: €10.14

Lego City 60134 - Town Fun in the Park People Pack Construction Set - Multi-Coloured -15%

Lego City 60134 - Town Fun in the Park People Pack Construction Set - Multi-Coloured

Includes 14 minifigures, a baby and a dog figure Features a range of buildable models for a colourful pa..

€58.95 €50.00 Ex Tax: €42.37

LEGO City 60137 Tow Truck Trouble

Tow truck Safe and cash 1 police off-road motorbike ..

€23.75 Ex Tax: €20.13

LEGO City 60147 Fishing Boat Building Toy

Includes two angler minifigures. Cast a line out to catch some fish. ..

€23.75 Ex Tax: €20.13

LEGO City 60148 ATV Race Team

2 x ATVs Pickup truck Trailer hitch ..

€23.75 Ex Tax: €20.13

Lego City 60152 Sweeper & Excavator Set

Includes two city worker minifigures. Trailer features an adjustable ramp. ..

€34.88 Ex Tax: €29.56

Lego Classic 10693 - Lego Creative Supplement -10%

Lego Classic 10693 - Lego Creative Supplement

Get ideas, get creative and get building with a range of LEGO bricks in 20 different colours Features a wide range of LEGO bricks, plus two sets of eyes for building all kinds of creatures and a ..

€29.95 €26.85 Ex Tax: €22.75

Lego Classic 10699 - Sand Baseplate

Whether you're creating a beach, zoo, desert, or something of your own imagination, this sand-colored 32x32-stud baseplate is the perfect starting point for building, displaying, and playing with your..

€8.05 Ex Tax: €6.82

Lego Classic 10700 - Green Base Plate

Whether you're constructing a forest scene or just like the color green, this 26x26 stud building plate is the perfect starting point for building, displaying, transporting and playing with your LEGO ..

€8.68 Ex Tax: €7.36

Lego Classic 10703 - Creative Builder Box

Includes Over 500 Pieces in a Rainbow of Fun Features a Mix of Classic Lego Bricks ..

€29.89 Ex Tax: €25.33

Lego Creator 31038 - Changing Seasons

Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: an adult and a child • Interior features a table, lamp, chair and a ladder ..

€56.25 Ex Tax: €47.67

Lego Creator 31047 - Propeller Plane  Mixed -11%

Lego Creator 31047 - Propeller Plane Mixed

Features spinning propellers, retractable wheels and an opening cockpit with room for a minifigure (not included) Open the cockpit and clim..

€30.00 €26.60 Ex Tax: €22.54

Lego Creator 31049 - Twin Spin Helicopter Construction Set

Features working Twin Spin rotors, working winch, tinted cockpit, navigation lights, 2 engines, elevated rear landing gear and landing skis. ..

€35.33 Ex Tax: €29.94

Lego Creator 31054 "Blue Express" Building Toy

Features a classic tank-engine design with six wheels, two buffers and a front light. Thi..

€5.38 Ex Tax: €4.56

LEGO Creator 31056 3 in 1 Green Cruiser

LEGO Packaged: 16 x 20 x 40cm LEGO Creator ..

€11.71 Ex Tax: €9.92

LEGO Creator 31059 Sunset Street Bike Building Toy

Features wide rubber tires, high-mounted fenders, working spring suspension and handlebar steering, windshield and a detailed engine and exhaust...

€23.77 Ex Tax: €20.14

Lego Creator 31062 - Robo Explorer

Features bright-green eyes, working tracks, rotating body and head, and posable arms with working claw and searchlight. ..

€21.24 Ex Tax: €18.00

Lego Creator 31067 - Modular Poolside Holiday Construction

Build a colourful holiday house with a rooftop terrace and barbecue, a garden area with fountain, a swimming pool, a table-tennis ta..

€29.95 Ex Tax: €25.38

Lego Creator Seaplane Adventures

This fits your. to make sure this fits. LEGO,LEGO: ..

€34.05 Ex Tax: €28.86

Lego Duplo 10513 - Jake's Neverland Hideout -40%

Lego Duplo 10513 - Jake's Neverland Hideout

Build and play the pirate way at the Never Land Hideout with Izzy and Cubby! Slip down the slide, fly the flag and keep your eye on the turning lookout tower. DonÕt let Captain Hook and his crew take ..

€31.69 €19.02 Ex Tax: €16.12

Lego Duplo 10514 - Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky -40%

Lego Duplo 10514 - Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky

Stop Captain Hook from sneaking onboard JakeÕs Pirate Ship Bucky and taking the treasure! Spot him from the turning lookout tower, fire the cannon and hoist the sail to evade that pesky pirate. Escape..

€62.23 €37.34 Ex Tax: €31.64

Lego Duplo 10525 - Farm

This Big Farm set with buildable models has everything you and your child need to live life on the farm! There's a barn for storing food, a farmhouse with chairs and a stable for the horse. Out in the..

€60.04 Ex Tax: €50.88

Lego duplo 10569 - Town Treasure Attack

Hide in the tree and launch apples from the catapult to seize the treasure from the traveling knight and his horse-drawn carriage! Then rush back to the castle tower to keep it safe and look out for i..

€35.99 Ex Tax: €30.50

Lego Duplo 10570 - All in one gift set

The LEGO DUPLO All-In-One Gift Set makes a perfect treat for your child, with a range of fascinating, fun LEGO DUPLO bricks that they will love to build and rebuild with. It even comes in a sturdy, ic..

€21.83 Ex Tax: €18.50

Lego Duplo 10577 Royal Castle

Storm the Big Royal Castle and let the play begin! Jump the drawbridge and fight the loyal knights to find the King and his treasure. This set has everything your child needs to create adventure after..

€69.75 Ex Tax: €59.11

Lego Duplo 10585 - Mum and Baby

Take a stroll with LEGO DUPLO Mom and Baby, including stroller, feeding bottle, chairs and buildable tree and flowers.  Box Contains13 x PiecesAge2-5 ..

€11.25 Ex Tax: €9.53

Lego Duplo 10809  Police Patrol -11%

Lego Duplo 10809 Police Patrol

Speed Off In The Police Van To Catch The Crook At The Bank Lock Him Up In The Back Of The Van And Make Sure He Can't Escape! There's Been A..

€21.95 €19.51 Ex Tax: €16.53

Lego Duplo 10848 My First Bricks Building Set

Features 80 colorful LEGO DUPLO pieces in different shapes and sizes. Help your toddler m..

€26.99 Ex Tax: €22.87

Lego Duplo 5795 - Hospital -50%

Lego Duplo 5795 - Hospital

 Make everyone better at the Big City Hospital!Its always busy at the Big City Hospital! Lend a hand by helping the doctors and nurses make everyone feel better! The ambulance is alwa..

€119.99 €59.99 Ex Tax: €50.84

Lego Friends 41047 Seal's Little Rock (Blister Pack)

The LEGO Friends are here with their animal friends! This set includes: 1 animal friend plus accessories  Each pack includes awesome accessories and tons of parts. Adopt yours toda..

€4.22 Ex Tax: €3.58

Lego Friends 41095: Emma's House

Includes three mini-doll figures: Emma, mom Charlotte and dad Luis, plus her pet bird Features a modular..

€87.25 Ex Tax: €73.94

Lego Friends 41118 - Heartlake Supermarket

Grab a trolley and go grocery shopping with Mia at the LEGO Friends Heartlake Supermarket. Swivel it open for easy play inside. With so many products packed into the aisles and counters, plus a bakery..

€41.39 Ex Tax: €35.08

Lego Friends 41121 - Adventure Camp Rafting Mixed

Includes Andrea and Olivia mini-doll figures in sportswear, plus a bear Features a river bridge area and a camping area Rive..

€33.25 Ex Tax: €28.18

Lego Friends Bunny's Hutch

Help the bunny by building a cute little hutch for her with a hinged roof! Watch her hop around on the balance beam then feed her a carrot! Place the pink bow in her hair and make her the best-loved b..

€4.22 Ex Tax: €3.58

LEGO Friends Hedgehog's Hideaway Game

Build a hideaway for the hedgehog, then take care of her online!Rake up the leaves and build an awesome autumn burrow for the hedgehog. Cover the entrance with leaves when she's inside! Feed her the a..

€4.22 Ex Tax: €3.58

LEGO Juniors 10723 - Ariel's Dolphin Carriage Mixed

Includes 2 minifigures: Kai and Lasha Features Kai's super Ninja car with rolling wheels and seat, Lasha's motorbike and a golden snake sta..

€17.32 Ex Tax: €14.68

Lego Juniors 10727 - Emma's Ice Cream Truck

Includes Andrea and Emma mini-doll figures, plus a puppy. Features an ice cream truck with open roof and side, room for a mini-doll to stan..

€23.95 Ex Tax: €20.30

LEGO Juniors 10729: Cinderella's Carriage Mixed

One supplied Size H19.1, W26.2, D4.6cm. For ages 4 years and ov..

€34.50 Ex Tax: €29.24

Lego Juniors 10735- Police Truck Chase

Easy to Build Police Truck Suitable for ages 4-7..

€23.75 Ex Tax: €20.13

LEGO Juniors 10740 Fire Patrol Suitcase Building Set

Includes two firefighter minifigures. Place a firefighter in the cherry picker and raise it to reach the..

€23.75 Ex Tax: €20.13

LEGO Juniors 10746 Mia's Farm Suitcase Building Set

Includes a Mia mini-doll figure, plus foal and lamb figures. Help the animals stay healthy by keeping th..

€23.75 Ex Tax: €20.13

Lego Nexo Knights 70314 - Beast Master's Chaos Chariot

Discover the tomboy princess who’s more than ready for a fight with this striking play set, featuring the ferocious—but hilarious—Chaos Chariot with chomping giant Globlins. In the futuristic and off-..

€42.56 Ex Tax: €36.07

Lego Nexo Knights 70315 - Clay's Rumble Blade

Evil rears its ugly head at every corner in the kingdom of Knighton, home of the heroic LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS knights. Protect the realm and play out epic battles with the futuristic Rumble Blade, featuri..

€51.53 Ex Tax: €43.67

Lego Ninjago 70601 - Sky shark

Includes two minifigures: Lloyd and Flintlocke The Sky Shark features an opening cockpit with detailed d..

€24.76 Ex Tax: €20.98

Lego Super Heroes 76051- Captain America Civil War Super Hero Airport Battle -22%

Lego Super Heroes 76051- Captain America Civil War Super Hero Airport Battle

Includes 6 minifigures: Captain America, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, War Machine and Agent 13, plus an Ant-Man microfigure and a bui..

€92.46 €71.92 Ex Tax: €60.95

Lego Technic 42044 - Display Team Jet

Perform thrilling aerial maneuvers with the aerodynamic 2-in-1 Display Team Jet, featuring a large cockpit, retractable undercarriage and a yellow, black and white color scheme with black-and-white ch..

€12.15 Ex Tax: €10.30

LEGO Technic 42045 - Hydroplane Racer -15%

LEGO Technic 42045 - Hydroplane Racer

Features a unique aerodynamic design with huge sponsons, large cockpit, detailed engine with moving pistons and a spinning propeller Check ..

€22.95 €19.51 Ex Tax: €16.53

Lego Technic 42059 "Stunt Truck" Building Toy

Features a powerful pull-back motor, sturdy front bumper and wide blue rims with low profile tires. ..

€28.95 Ex Tax: €24.53