My Baby Annabelle

My Baby Annabelle


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Baby Annabell - Brother Doll

Baby Annabel Brother is just like a real baby with realistic sound and movements. He can now really wet his nappy & use his potty!..

€82.00 Ex Tax: €69.49

Baby Annabell - Learn to Walk Doll

Crawling Baby Annabell is just like a real baby, with realistic baby movements. Baby Annabell is taking her first steps! With your help watch Crawling Baby Annabell learn to walk along the floor. ..

€84.95 Ex Tax: €71.99

Baby Annabell Bedroom Toy

Suitable age: 3 years + Baby Annabell Bedroom unfolds for play Hanging rail with hanging compartments Beautif..

€101.62 Ex Tax: €86.12

Baby Annabell Care Station

This beautiful pink care station has everything you need to change your Baby Annabell’s® nappy. Baby Annabell® will be safe and secure on the sheep patterned padded changing mat. There's a bottom shel..

€39.49 Ex Tax: €33.47

Baby Annabell Doll with Wetting Function

Baby nurturing doll with a variety of realistic functions - she babbles, giggles, sleeps, burps and wets Comes with bottl..

€84.50 Ex Tax: €71.61

Baby Annabell Highchair -24%

Baby Annabell Highchair

This lovely Baby Annabell High Chair is adjustable so your youngster can feed their doll or send them off to sleep. This toy high chair is stylish and sturdy and comes with a detachable table. When yo..

€69.99 €53.50 Ex Tax: €45.34

Baby Annabell Newborn Doll

Suitable from birth onwards Super soft fabrics D..

€18.25 Ex Tax: €15.47

Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Bed -29%

Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Bed

Features musical mobile that plays 'Twinkle, Twinkle' lullaby. Soft, lightweight tulle ca..

€79.99 €56.50 Ex Tax: €47.88

Baby Annabell Walking Little Lamb Doll -24%

Baby Annabell Walking Little Lamb Doll

Baby Annabell Walking Little Lamb Soft, cuddly and simply irresistibly sweet: This lamb is still a baby ..

€65.99 €50.00 Ex Tax: €42.37