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Penguin Enclosure

Suitable For ages 5+ ..

€13.99 Ex Tax: €11.86

Playmobil 6789 -1.2.3 Fire Rescue Helicopter

The Playmobil 123 fire helicopter is away quickly to the scene of the accident. Features spinning rotor blades and includes a Playmobil 123 fireman.Age 18 months+To be used under Adult Supervision&nbs..

€8.99 Ex Tax: €7.62

Playmobil Fairy friends storks

Playmobil 9138 fairy friends storks A great gift for a collector!!suitable for ages 4-10  ..

€7.99 Ex Tax: €6.77

Playmobil Ghostbusters™ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Ghostbusters get ready! here comes the stay Puft Marshmallow Man! with his movable arms and turnable hands ..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.95

Playmobil 4783 Collectable Pirate with Treasure Chest

Includes a treasure chest full of gold Comes with a pirate and his monkey companion ..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.53

Playmobil 4786 Special Plus Treasure Diver Figures

Includes a shipwrecked anchor and ancient vase Comes with a diver in his wetsuit with a full range of di..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.53

Playmobil 5167 - Take Along Dollshouse

Take-along case opens to reveal a two storey house with four rooms Kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom fully furnished ..

€34.99 Ex Tax: €29.65

Playmobil 5291 Collectable Girl with Pony

Includes a pony and grooming equipment Comes with a keeper to look after the pony ..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.53

Playmobil 5304 - Baby Room with Cradle

Baby Room with cradleAge 4 - 10 yearsNot sitable for children under 36 months..

€12.99 Ex Tax: €11.01

Playmobil 5338 - Airport with Control Tower

PLAYMOBIL® 5338 Airport with Control Tower. Check-In, luggage check-in, go through the security check and let's go to the plane. Measurements City ..

€54.99 Ex Tax: €46.60

Playmobil 5398 City Action Fire Quad

Features a working winch The hose reel can be removed and carried by the Fire Fighters ..

€11.99 Ex Tax: €10.16

Playmobil 5637 - Knights Armory Play Box

Embark on heroic journeys with the Knights' Play Box Valliant knights can find all the gea..

€19.99 Ex Tax: €16.94

Playmobil 5639 - Flower Shop Play Box

Find a gorgeous bouquet at the Flower Shop Play Box To start playing, simply fold open the t..

€19.99 Ex Tax: €16.94

Playmobil 6162 - Pirates - Green App cannon with pirates

Playmobil - Pirates - Green App cannon with piratesWith the firing cannon in a cool design, and connection via smartphone (not included):Simply download the free app and shoot the virtual targets!With..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.47

Playmobil 6164 - Pirates - Blue App cannon with pirates by Playmobil

Playmobil - Pirates - Blue App cannon with piratesWith the firing cannon in a cool design, and connection via smartphone (not included):Simply download the free app and shoot the virtual targets!With ..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.47

Playmobil 6167 - Princess - Viola

A beautiful princess figure playset A pretty horse to ride with a purple mane Comb the silky mane with the hairbrush and put..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.47

Playmobil 6639 - Gorilla with babies

Playmobil - Gorilla with babiesThe set includes a Gorilla with 2 babies.Age: 4 years +Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 monthsWarning: To be used under the direct supervision of an adult&nbs..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.47

Playmobil 6681 - Pirates Soldiers' Patrol Boat

Floats on water Moveable cannon Can be upgraded with 5536 RC underwater motor(sold separately) ..

€34.99 Ex Tax: €29.65

Playmobil 6682 Floating Pirate Raft

Floats on water Two firing cannons Can be upgrad..

€14.99 Ex Tax: €12.70

Playmobil 6765 -Noah's Ark

The Playmobil 123 Noah's ark comes with five different animals, all in pairs, and of course Noah and his wife. The ark can float on water and has a removable deck for storing the animals. There is an ..

€30.99 Ex Tax: €26.26

Playmobil 6773 - 1.2.3 Coach

The Playmobil 123 coach has a luggage compartment on each side which is also a shape sorter. The set comes with four Playmobil 123 figures including a driver and three passengers with their luggage.Sa..

€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.55

Playmobil 6775 1.2.3 - Construction Front Loader

Suitable for boys and girls from 4 years Theme: 1.2.3 construction front loader ..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.47

Playmobil 6819 Playmo Friends Flame Warrior Figure

Includes a Playmobil flame warrior Comes with a flame-throwing gun, rifle and ammunition belt ..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.53

Playmobil 6821 Playmo Friends Iron Knight Figure

Includes a Playmobil iron knight Comes with a selection of swords and daggers ..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.53

Playmobil 6826 Playmo Friends Acrobat Figure

Includes a Playmobil acrobat Comes with juggling rings Collec..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.53

Playmobil 6865 - School House


€22.00 Ex Tax: €18.64

Playmobil 6867 Big Farm Tractor with special tools

BIG TRACTOR 6867 Suitable for ages 4-10 ..

€22.99 Ex Tax: €19.48

Playmobil 6870 - My Take Along Farm

The farm life is exciting, tractor driving, picking fruit, and being in the middle of nature!Contents:2 Figures1 Tractor1 Nature setBaskets and fruitVarious accessoriesRecommended age 4 - 10 years..

€19.99 Ex Tax: €16.94

Playmobil 6879 City Action Robber's Quad with Loot with Pullback Motor

Features 1 Playmobil figure and accessories Features a functional winch ..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.47

Playmobil 6923 Police Bike

Playmobil City Action - Set includes police bike with LED light ..

€12.99 Ex Tax: €11.01

Playmobil 6963 - 1.2.3 - Petting Zoo

There is much to discover in the petting zoo!The petting zoo has a fence, which consists of six elements, and can be organized in any way! The Ponycan be ridden by a 1.2.3 child figure and the wheelba..

€22.00 Ex Tax: €18.64

Playmobil 6981 - Family Fun - Diving trip with speedboat

Playmobil Family Fun, 6981 Set includes: Diving Trip with Sports BoatAge 6 - 12..

€22.99 Ex Tax: €19.48

Playmobil 9059 - Ice Pirates with Snow Truck

PLAYMOBIL® 9059 Ice pirate truckWith working winch.- With extra-large balloon wheels.- There is space in the vehicle for two figure..

€19.99 Ex Tax: €16.94

Playmobil 9080 - Cupcake Shop

  Attracts customers with delicious tarts, pastries and ice cream cups. With many accessories. Measurements: 30 x 22 x 13 cm.   ..

€32.99 Ex Tax: €27.96

PLAYMOBIL 9133 Romantic fairy ship

PLAYMOBIL® 9133 Romantic fairy shipSuitable for ages 4-10 ..

€27.99 Ex Tax: €23.72

Playmobil 9136 - Unicorn Drawn Fairy Carriage

Flower fairy with unicorn carriage. The drawbar is decorated with pretty butterflies. The carriage has space for a figure. It is so dimensioned that there wo..

€11.99 Ex Tax: €10.16

Playmobil 9233 - Glass Bottom Boat with Submersible Motor

Glass-Bottom Boat with Underwater Motor. The boat floats and its transparent bottom has a magnifier function for an enlarged view of the underwater world. The included underwater motor requires a 1.5 ..

€22.00 Ex Tax: €18.64

Playmobil- Fairy friends raccoons

Playmobil 9139 fairy friends raccoons A great gift for a collector!! ..

€7.99 Ex Tax: €6.77

Playmobil- fairy friends small deer

PLAYMOBIL 9141 Fairy friends Small deerSuitable for ages 4-10 ..

€7.99 Ex Tax: €6.77

Playmobil- Tow Truck with boy race car

– Semi-trailer and trailer are pre-assembled.- The transporter trailer can be tilted to load and offload the race car...

€16.98 Ex Tax: €14.39